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Football drills areused to help individual players and teams as a whole improve their game. Certain drills can be done by single players while others require multiple people to do. Drills can be further divided into those meant for all players on a team as well as those for specific positions.

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  • What is drills4football?

  • The drills are related to real game situations, based on the approach of top level clubs. The coaching points within the drills are very specific. Drills4Football is not simply providing drills, but also full scripts for the coach, in clear football language.

  • What is this football drill from the coaching manual?

  • This brilliant drill from The Coaching Manual uses a small-sided game to teach players how and when to pressure, tackle, or drop off. It also encourages awareness and communication: Number of players required: 11 or more (can be adapted for smaller numbers)

  • How do you start a football drill?

  • To start the drill, the defensive team passing the ball to any of the four offensive players. As soon as the ball is passed, both teams are live. The offensive players receive the ball from the defense and start attacking the three defenders. The offensive players are free to dribble, pass, and move as they attempt to score a goal.

  • What is a passing drill in soccer?

  • This soccer passing drill is suitable for almost any age level, focusing on passing, receiving, and turning skills. Great warmup drill for players to pass and move. The players are divided in four lines that form a square, with one player starting in the middle of the square. Two soccer balls are needed.