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Derrick Thomas may have been nearing the end of his football career, but he was in the prime of his life. Thomas, a 6-foot-3, 243-pound physical specimen, had just finished his 11th season as anAll-Pro linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was dominant on the football field and a pleasure off it.

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  • How is Derrick Thomas still remembered today?

  • Twenty years after his death, Thomas is still remembered fondly by family and friends. 鈥淎s much as he was Derrick Thomas the football player, I mean Derrick Thomas the dad was, you know, who I remember him as ,鈥?said Thomas鈥?son, Derrion Thomas.

  • When was Derrick Thomas drafted in the NFL?

  • That all changed Jan. 23, 2000. Derrick Thomas was among the future NFL stars selected early in the 1989 NFL draft. Taken immediately after Barry Sanders was drafted by the Detroit Lions at No. 3, the Kansas City Chiefs took Thomas, a linebacker from Alabama, with the fourth pick.

  • What is the Derrick Thomas Academy?

  • With the help of Third and Long, the Derrick Thomas Academy, a tuition-free public charter school, was founded in 2001. Over the next dozen years, it would serve numerous kids from Pre Kindergarten to the eighth grade in Kansas City.

  • Who are Derrick Thomas鈥?parents?

  • Thomas served with the 340th Bomb Squadron, 72nd Strategic Bomb Wing. Bro. Capt. Thomas was the father of the late Bro. Derrick Thomas @Chiefs. #omegapsiphi As a result, Thomas was mostly raised by his mother, Edith Morgan, and his grandmother, Annie Adams.