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  • What do people overlook about Nick Saban?

  • Pruitt, who was most recently the head coach at Tennessee, could tell stories like that for hours, but what he said people overlook about Saban is his football knowledge.

  • Does Nick Saban’s demanding style of leadership work for Alabama?

  • Alabama coach Nick Saban’s demanding style of leadership isn’t for everyone. He’s prone to the occasional outburst, as the college football world saw firsthand in 2016 when he ripped off his headset and screamed at then-offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin during the waning moments of a 28-point win over Western Kentucky.

  • How much time do Alabama DB coaches spend with Nick Saban?

  • THE FIRST THING to understand, former Alabama DB coach Derrick Ansley said, is there are no breaks. While offensive coaches might interact with Saban 2-3 hours a day, as DB coach, You’re with him every single day, every single minute.

  • What did Jim Saban do for the NFL?

  • Saban also helped invent a new style of defense that blends zone and man-to-man concepts. A defensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns in the early 1990s, he and then-head coach Bill Belichick are credited with creating what’s called pattern matching.