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  • Do soccer jerseys fit you correctly?

  • You can go personally to the department stores and try different soccer shirts in the store鈥檚 private fitting rooms; it鈥檚 a way to know what your size is in different brands. Still, many people around the world are not aware of their correct size. One of the concerns of football fans is whether their favorite jerseys will fit them.

  • Do soccer jerseys shrink?

  • However, soccer kits that contain cotton can shrink. You can expect jerseys made with poly-cotton fabric to shrink 3-4%, and 100% cotton garments to shrink 7-10% when they are washed for the first time. Use an accurate chest measurement to order a new jersey, and try it on once it has arrived.

  • Do children鈥檚 soccer jerseys come in different sizes?

  • Children鈥檚 soccer jersey sizes are not as challenging to handle as adult sizes, since they are easier to determine because they are standard sizes. In case a child is asked for a bigger size, it would not affect it since children鈥檚 growth is constant, and that shirt could fit him quickly.

  • How to choose the right size Jersey for You?

  • Here are a few sizing tips from the experts at The Center Circle that will help you choose the right size jersey for you. It鈥檚 important to have an accurate chest measurement to get started. To measure your chest, you鈥檒l need a measuring tape and a friend to help you.