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In many American schools,girls are prevented from playing high school football,which has been traditionally thought of as a sport for boys. Some people believe this is unfair,while others disagree. In this 2013 article by journalist Josh Bean,locals in an Alabama community put forth their opinions on this debate.

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  • Should girls be allowed on the football team?

  • Having girls on the football team is still a new concept, especially at the high school level and beyond. It is not easy for adults sometimes to make the mental transition that girls can play the game and do it well. The world is not against you, they just don鈥檛 know you yet. Be patient, be courteous and be polite.

  • Are more girls playing high school football?

  • Spangler is one of a growing number of girls who have decided to tackle high school football. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, 1,561 girls played football last season. That constitutes a 17.5 percent increase from just four years ago, when 1,328 girls participated.

  • Should girls play football at younger ages?

  • I think girls should definitely consider playing football at younger ages but definitely should also be realistic about their risk of injury as they get older. Auburn molds her style of play on Carolina quarterback Cam Newton, who has a place of honor in her bedroom. Melissa Isaacson A uburn said she loves the game because she loves the action.

  • Should girls or boys play tackle football?

  • Neither girls nor boys should be playing tackle football. It is extremely important that parents, particularly Moms, take a stand and finally put an end to children playing this sport. I鈥檓 tired of hearing how much my son (or daughter) loves it. Being a parent sometimes means telling your child a loud, resounding no and sticking to it.