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  • Can you wear soccer shoes for lacrosse?

  • The weights are close enough to allow you to wear soccer shoes to play lacrosse, note Noah Fink and Melissa Gaskill in 鈥淟acrosse: A Guide for Parents and Players.鈥?Both cleats typically have four studs in the heel area and six to eight in the forefoot. Soccer cleats, however, have no stud at the end of the toe, while lacrosse cleats do.

  • What are the differences between Football&Lacrosse cleats?

  • Football and lacrosse cleats must deal with wet, treacherous ground as well as dry turf, so each need a variety of stud options. Cleats for both sports offer molded studs, where they’re built into the soles, as well as detachable studs, which allow the players to change them out. Both sports use cleats with leather or synthetic uppers.

  • What are the best shoes for Lacrosse cleats?

  • Lacrosse cleats offer you a choice of a three-quarter or mid-top shoe. Because of the need for ankle support for lacrosse, trainers recommend staying away from low-cut shoes, note the authors of 鈥淟acrosse: The Player鈥檚 Handbook.鈥?/div>Difference Between Soccer Lacrosse Cleats | SportsRec

  • Why do Lacrosse cleats have so many studs?

  • Many lacrosse cleats have mesh vents in the uppers for extra airflow. Leather uppers provide more breathability than synthetic uppers, even without vents, which don’t appear on many football cleats. Although the number of studs may differ by cleat style and the player’s preference, in general, lacrosse cleats have more studs than football cleats.