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  • How did the Patriots extend their winning streak to 7 games?

  • (CNN) The New England Patriots edged out the Buffalo Bills 14-10 on a blustery night at the Highmark Stadium in Buffalo to extend their winning streak to seven games.

  • Will the rest of the NFL catch up to the Patriots?

  • The rest of the NFL has caught up to the New England Patriots formula to success. Get out to an early lead over New England and you force them to play perfectly the rest of the way.

  • How did the Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots?

  • The Buffalo Bills were able to put forth a strong effort that played exactly to this formula. They scored at will on the Patriots best unit and essentially controlled every aspect to the game. With that loss, New England no longer controls their own destiny within the division.

  • How did the Patriots win without allowing a single point?

  • The Patriots won without allowing a single point on the back of a fantastic defensive appearance, while the Falcons had nothing to show on offense with Cordarrelle Patterson inactive because of an injury. New England have now won five straight games, and they’re a complete threat to the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East.