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The policy in the NFL at most stadiums used to be:you can keep the ballbut you were automatically ejected if you did, in other words you had to leave the game if you wanted the ball.

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  • What should you never do when you go to an NFL game?

  • The following are the top 10 things you should never do when you go to an NFL game, so you can enjoy your experience (and so can everyone sitting around you). 10. Get a Tattoo For Your Team …especially if you’re a Rams fan. Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, never get your favorite NFL team tattooed on your body.

  • What is it like to go to an NFL game?

  • Going to an NFL game is always a unique experience. No other sport in America brings out more interesting people and puts them all in one place. There are fans with their team’s logo tattooed on their arms, shirtless fans, fans covered in paint, and don’t forget about Raiders fans.

  • Is it OK to wear a Jersey to a football game?

  • This is a football game. If you don’t have a jersey for your team, don’t wear a jersey. Normal shirts are OK, too. Oh, and Yankees fan, we don’t care that you’re a Yankees fan. There are about two billion of you. Leave the Jeter jersey at home, this is football.

  • Do football clubs keep trophies?

  • When it comes to possession of trophies, different competitions have their own particular customs and an occasion may well arise when a club gets to keep a trophy. Generally speaking, however, it is usually a case that a club keeps a trophy temporarily or else they are given a replica.