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While American Football doesn鈥檛 involve much kicking,the sport got its name frominfluences in two other football sports: rugby and soccer. Both of these sports eventually made their way to America and through a combination of them,the game of American Football that we know today was born.

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  • Why is it called football?

  • Some parts of the history say that the name football is due to its root on the European football, which Americans call soccer and they left it that way for the traditions. Another highlighting point is that Americans wanted to differentiate their football from the European one, calling the European (soccer), the American (American football).

  • Why is soccer called soccer in America?

  • 鈥淪occer鈥?became a slang form of 鈥渁ssociation鈥?and lingered in Europe until rugby and football became two distinct sports with different names; the term 鈥渟occer鈥?is now mainly only used in America and Canada (where American and Canadian Football are more popular).

  • What is the history of soccer?

  • First, a quick history of soccer/football: the original form of the game was not like the sport we know today. The game was rather different (in short, it was like a less organized form of what we now know as rugby) and it wasn鈥檛 until several iterations later 鈥?at some point in the 19th century 鈥?that football resembled its current form.

  • What do they call football in Canada and USA?

  • Many people in Canada the USA do call football by its true name, football. The other sport is gridiron, i don’t approve of the word handegg, it’s meaningless disrespectful, like the ‘s’ word. ReturnoftheBrotha .