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The two Utes players that have died during that time shared a deep, special connection. Sophomore defensive back Aaron Lowe, 21, wasshot and killedearly Sunday morning, according to Salt Lake police, and another person was seriously injured. Lowe鈥檚 close friend, running back Ty Jordan, died from an accidental shooting last Christmas night.

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  • What does Ty Jordan’s death mean for the University of Utah?

  • The University of Utah already experienced unspeakable pain, grief, devastation, and shock last December when Ty Jordan, a running back with tremendous talent and a bright future, died of an accidental gunshot wound. Now the university is immersed in sadness and mourning once again.

  • Who was Ty Jordan and what happened to him?

  • The tragedy, meanwhile, comes less than a year after another Utes football player, Ty Jordan, was killed in an accidental shooting. Lowe and Jordan were teammates at West Mesquite H.S. in Texas before joining the Utes … and when Jordan died in Dec. 2020, Lowe switched his jersey number from #2 to Jordan’s #22 to honor him.

  • How did Utah win the Pac 12 Championship?

  • Utah, which started the season 2-2, won eight of its final nine games, including a rout of Oregon to secure its first Pac-12 championship and book its first appearance in the Rose Bowl Game Pres. by Capital One Venture X, where the Utes lost a heartbreaker in the final seconds to Ohio State 48-45.