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60 minutes

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  • How long does a college football game last?

  • On average, a college football game lasts 3 hours and 24 minutes 鈥?though they can last over 5 hours. There are a lot of reasons why college football games last longer than NFL games, although they share the same quarter length (15 minutes), play clock length (40 seconds), and total game time (60 minutes).

  • How long is a FBS football game?

  • (USATSI) Football Bowl Subdivision games averaged 3 hours, 23 minutes in 2014, up six minutes from 2013 and fueling talk again from conference commissioners on how to shorten the game into a more fan-friendly window.

  • Which American sport has the longest average game time?

  • The longest in all big American sports is College Football. While baseball is frequently condemned for its game time, in just 3 hours and 5 minutes the 2019 contests are held. NBA games lasted 2 hours 14 minutes in the 2018 to 19 season while the length of the game is just 48 minutes.

  • Should college football have a running clock in games?

  • College football has long resisted turning its game into a replica of the NFL. The Pac-12 produces the most scoring and plays per game in the country — a style Scott calls so entertaining that it’s trickled up to the NFL with more passing. But Scott envisions even longer college games and wants a running clock.