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60 minutes

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  • How long does a college football game last?

  • On average, a college football game lasts 3 hours and 24 minutes 鈥?though they can last over 5 hours. There are a lot of reasons why college football games last longer than NFL games, although they share the same quarter length (15 minutes), play clock length (40 seconds), and total game time (60 minutes).

  • How long does a soccer game last?

  • How long are soccer games? Professional and college soccer games are 90 minutes long and are broken up into two 45-minute halves. Extra time is played when a winner needs to be declared, such as in tournaments. Professional games also have added time.

  • Which American sport has the longest average game time?

  • The longest in all big American sports is College Football. While baseball is frequently condemned for its game time, in just 3 hours and 5 minutes the 2019 contests are held. NBA games lasted 2 hours 14 minutes in the 2018 to 19 season while the length of the game is just 48 minutes.

  • How long is a Pee wee football game?

  • They鈥檙e generally played on the weekends 鈥?not the weekdays. A pee-wee football game usually features 8-minute quarters for 32-minutes of total game time. With just a 12-minute halftime, you can see why these games don鈥檛 take a long time.