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47.5 million

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  • How many NFL fans are there worldwide?

  • How Many NFL Fans Are There? While it is difficult to determine an exact amount of NFL fans worldwide, about half of all Americans, which is about 160 million people, say that they are fans of professional football, according to a poll done in 2014 by ESPN.

  • How popular is college football in the US?

  • College football ranks as the nation鈥檚 second most popular sport with 47.5 million fans attending games in 2019 and 392 regular season telecasts reaching more than 145 million unique fans鈥?and 38 postseason bowl games reaching 90 million.

  • How many Americans are fans of professional basketball?

  • Four in 10 adults now say they鈥檙e fans of professional basketball, just ahead of the 38% who are fans of college basketball. That flips the script from 2012, when more were fans of the college (40%) than professional (37%) version.

  • How many people watch college football on ESPN+?

  • College Football on ESPN+, which featured 379 live college games during the 2019 season, saw a 132% spike in time spent by fans watching live games on the app. CBS Sports scored the Network’s best college football viewership in 29 years, averaging 7,147,000 million viewers, a 25% increase from 2018.