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Three points

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  • What is a field goal worth in football?

  • A field goal is a separate play. By comparison, a field goal is only worth three points. While three points are less than touchdowns, they still are a valuable part of the game. Here is the breakdown of why you would kick a field goal during a game. Why Do you Kick a Field Goal?

  • How many points is a goal worth in soccer?

  • In soccer, only 1 point is awarded for each goal scored, and this point is simply referred to as a 鈥済oal鈥? The scoring system in soccer is extremely simple. One goal equals one point no matter how the goal was scored.

  • How many points is a blocked field goal worth in football?

  • A touchdown scored off a failed field goal attempt is a regular touchdown, and hence it is worth six points, plus the chance to score one or two more points after the face. If an extra point conversion is blocked and returned, it is worth two points, as it is not considered to be a touchdown.

  • What happens if a field goal goes through the goalposts?

  • If the field goal attempt successfully goes through the goalposts, then the offense will be awarded 3 points. If the attempt misses, the ball will be whistled dead and the other team will gain possession at the spot of the kick.