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$205,000 per year

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  • How much do NFL referees make?

  • NHL referees average $275,000 per year, MLB umpires average $300,000 per year, and NBA referees average $375,000 per year. With those earnings for each league, there is a potential to make up to $500,000 or more with bonuses. As you can see, NFL refs make a comfortable salary even though they are working part-time.

  • How much do Eredivisie referees get paid?

  • Sportekz reports Eredivisie referee earnings as follows: 1 $1,370 per match, and an annual salary of up to $96,000 for the match referee 2 $750 per match, and an unidentified annual salary for the assistant referee 3 $750 per match, and an unidentified annual salary for the video assistant referee

  • How many NFL Referees are part-time?

  • The NFL did experiment with making around 20% of its referees full-time league employees. However, that program was abandoned, and instead, all of the officials on the NFL officiating roster are part-time. Referees have what is referred to as a dark period between the end of the season and the middle of May.

  • Do NFL refs do a good job?

  • Those results consistently find that the majority of the time, the NFL refs do a good job, demonstrating why they are paid a handsome salary. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS!