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$100 and $200

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  • What is the average cost of a football made by Wilson?

  • The average cost of a new unused official leather NFL game ball made by Wilson, all official NFL footballs are made by Wilson, is $80 – $90usd. The original posting below must have been a typo and should have been $70usd maybe???

  • Is a college football bigger than the NFL football?

  • Is a college football bigger than the nfl football? This question will be answered college or NFL. Its NFL because it National Football League. College is less Better cause the people arent as good. Have A Nice Day! :D.

  • Is the Football used in Arena Football the same size as NFL?

  • No the football used in Arena football is the same size as those used in the NFL. This has helped some make the switch from Arena Football to the NFL and vice versa.

  • How many Super Bowl balls does each team get?

  • On a side note, each team of the 2009 Super Bowlwill receive 50 ‘game balls’ and 12 ‘kicker balls’ from Wilson. All are stamped with the names of both teams on them.