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That slipping number wasn鈥檛 a result of the football program鈥檚 financial performance. Its profit was $48.2 million (up more than $2 million) on revenue of $111.1 million. The bottom line has Alabama鈥檚 total athletics revenue at$177.5 million– up from last year鈥檚 $174.3 million that was then the school record.

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  • How much money does Alabama make from athletics?

  • The business of Alabama athletics remains a big money maker, though a few things are changing. The school reported a $10.9 million surplus in its official NCAA budget report for the 2018 fiscal year.

  • How much do Alabama football players make in nil deals?

  • NEW You can now listen to Fox News articles! Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, discussing the new landscape of college football, told reporters on day two of SEC Media Days that his players made over $3 million in NIL deals last year.

  • How much does Alabama football’s support staff make?

  • — Much attention goes to Alabama football鈥檚 large support staff. With it, comes a growing investment. Pay for the support staff rose 22.1 percent from last year to $4.4 million. Go back to 2016 and the pay increase is 49.1 percent for the football staffers.

  • How much money does the NFL make from ticket sales?

  • In the past five years, inflation-adjusted revenue increased by 11.8 percent to the current $174.3 million level. Ticket sales were down $5.5 million last year. Football ticket sales also dropped $2.6 million to $34.7 million in 2016. Contributions were up $3.4 million to $32.2 million.