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So what is the footballholdand why might it work better for breastfeeding? The footballor 鈥渃lutch鈥?hold consists of holding your baby alongside your ribcage with your arm under, providing support to the body and your hand holding the head. Your baby should be close to you with belly and face slightly upwards, but facing your body.

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  • When is the football hold a good position for breastfeeding?

  • The Football Hold is a good position when: You have had a cesarean birth and want to avoid placing your baby against your abdominal incision. You need to see better when getting your baby to latch-on. Your breasts are large.

  • How should I Hold my Baby to breastfeed?

  • The baby can be cradled in your arm with his back along your forearm. Having his hips flexed and his ear, shoulder and hip in one line helps your baby get milk more easily. As you hold your baby in any of the above positions, you may need to support your breast with your free hand.

  • What is the best breastfeeding position?

  • The football hold is the breast feeding position that many mothers find the most comfortable. In this position you tuck baby under your arm just like you would hold a football (on the same side that you’re nursing from).

  • How do I use the football hold?

  • The football hold lets you hold your baby’s head allowing you to help baby latch. -Hold baby with your right arm with baby’s feet at your side. You can also place baby on the nursing pillow for more support.