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  • Why did the NCAA put Baylor on probation?

  • WACO, Texas — The NCAA put Baylor on three years of probation Wednesday after an investigation turned up hundreds of impermissible telephone calls and text messages sent to prep recruits by coaches and assistants on the basketball teams.

  • What was the NCAA鈥檚 punishment for Baylor?

  • Finally, a former assistant director of football operations (Odell James) did not meet his obligation to cooperate and violated ethical conduct rules when he did not participate in the investigation. As a result, the NCAA levied the following punishments for Baylor: Four years of probation. A $5,000 fine.

  • Why did Baylor avoid NCAA sanctions for sexual violence?

  • Baylor’s football program avoided NCAA sanctions for failing to report allegations of sexual violence by players and for not addressing those issues on its campus. The Committee on Infractions hearing could not conclude that Baylor violated NCAA rules with its actions, according to a release Wednesday.

  • What did the NCAA do wrong at Baylor University?

  • The NCAA found that a Baylor football student-athlete who committed an academic violation was not reported for failing to meet an academic performance plan. The university also operated a predominantly female student host program that did not align with NCAA recruiting rules.