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  • Should hurdling be allowed in football?

  • You may avoid contact all together or at least lessen the punishment that a head-on collision might have on your body. In college football and the NFL, that’s a viable option, but in high school, hurdling is illegal. However, using the prism of the desert’s high school football teams in the past two years, maybe the rule has some validity.

  • How dangerous is it to hurdle a tackle?

  • It’s kind of dangerous, yes, but it’s still a football play and football is dangerous, said Wallace, who scored his first college touchdown on Saturday. It’s human nature to avoid a hit, just like you would hurdle a guy laying on the ground to avoid a tackle. I think it’s dumb to have that as a penalty.

  • Should players be able to hurdle a defender?

  • So it’s an interesting debate. On the one hand, the players know the rule but are always going to default to their football instincts, and hurdling a defender is certainly part of that.