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  • What is a two-point conversion in football?

  • For instance, a team who is up by five points after a touchdown will often up for a two-point conversion attempt in order to increase their lead to seven, rather than six which could be bested with a touchdown and easy extra point conversion.

  • Should 2-point conversions be required in college football overtime?

  • Graduate of Northwestern University. College football teams will be required to attempt 2-point conversions after touchdowns in the second overtime period of games rather than the third, according to a change approved Thursday by the NCAA’s playing rules oversight panel.

  • What happens if the team fails at the two point conversion attempt?

  • If the team fails at the two-point conversion attempt, no additional points are scored, and the team remains at six total points for the possession. Regardless of the success of the play, after the two-point conversion attempt, the scoring team kicks the ball off to the opposition.

  • Why did the NFL not allow two point conversions in 1968?

  • In 1968, leading up to the AFL-NFL merger, the leagues developed a radical compromise rule that would reconcile the fact that the NFL did not recognize the two point conversion but the AFL did: the relatively easy extra point kick would be eliminated and only a play from scrimmage would score one point.