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Here is how overtime works in college football:If a game is tied at the conclusion of four quarters,it goes to overtime.The officials will invite each team’s captains (no more than four per team) to the 50-yard line for the overtime coin toss. …The team that loses the coin toss will exercise the remaining option (e.g. …More items…

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  • What are the NFL overtime rules?

  • The NFL overtime rules differ from college football. Overtime will begin with a coin toss, just like college football. But, there is a game clock and a play clock in the NFL, whereas college only has a play clock for each team鈥檚 one possession per period. Here is the official NFL rule regarding how an overtime period will work:

  • How many college football games have gone into 7 overtime periods?

  • There have been five college football games that have gone into seven overtime periods. All five of the games were played before 2019 when the rules were changed to have overtime periods consist of only two-point conversions after a certain point.

  • What is the coin toss in college football overtime rules?

  • Therefore, the coin toss in college football overtime rules becomes a strategical element of the game. The visiting team calls the toss, and the winner gets to choose whether they play offense or defense first and which side of the field they will attack when on offense.

  • What happens in the second overtime period in college football?

  • Beginning with the second overtime period, teams must attempt a two-point conversion after scoring a touchdown. Beginning with the third overtime period, teams will begin to run alternating two-point conversion plays instead of offensive possessions. Up until 1996, most NCAA games did not go to overtime.