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A play action is adeceptive play that can be used to throw off the defenseand implemented by many of the top offenses in football. It鈥檚 designed to look like a running play, but instead, a pass is thrown, often long.

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  • What is a play action pass in football?

  • During a play-action pass, the quarterback of the team on offense receives the snap from the center and fakes the beginning of a running play, as if he is going to hand the ball off to the running back stationed behind him in the formation, but then actually executes a passing play.

  • How do you use play action in football?

  • Play-actions are used against defenses who are focused on stopping the run-game. Examples Of How Play-Action Is Used In Commentary 1. The Eagles called the perfect play-action, getting the safety to bite on the fakehandoff, therefore opening up the middle of the field for Owens to get open and make the catch.

  • What is play-action in football?

  • What Is The Definition Of Play-Action In Football? 1. This is a term used to describe an offensive pass play in football where the quarterback will fake a hand-off (or rush) to the running back or wide receiver.

  • How do receivers sell the play action in football?

  • The receivers sell the running play by appearing to block at first, then break off into their routes. The play-action pass is also occasionally referred to as a play fake, as simply as play-action. The bootleg play in which the quarterback runs with the ball behind the line of scrimmage usually starts off of play-action.