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  • What does St stand for in soccer?

  • ST 鈥?Striker. In soccer, the abbreviation 鈥淪T鈥?means Striker. The striker(ST) on a soccer team is the player positioned nearest to the opposition鈥檚 goal. The role of the striker(ST) is to score goals for the team and be the focal point for any passes made when the team is in attack. SW 鈥?Sweeper

  • What is STRK in baseball standings listings?

  • What is STRK in baseball standings listings where the items listed in the STRK column are W1 W2 L1 L2 etc? That stands for streak and is the number of games the team has won or lost in a row. A W in front of the number means the team has won that number in a row, an L in front means the team has lost that number in a row.

  • What are the abbreviations used in soccer STATS?

  • Abbreviations In Soccer Stat Sheets. Below is a list of the abbreviations used on VidSwap’s system Soccer Stat Sheets: ATHLETE STAT SHEET: 鈥淪HOTS鈥? -G = Goals By Athlete. -A = Assists By Athlete. -Pts = Points By Athlete. -Sh = Shots By Athlete.

  • What does RF mean in soccer?

  • The right forward (RF) is positioned furthest forward in a soccer team on the right-hand side of the soccer field. The role of the right forward is to work with the other offensive players on the team to create goal-scoring opportunities and score goals for their team. In soccer, the abbreviation 鈥淩M鈥?means R ight M idfielder.