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A tailgate in football is agathering generally held in the parking lot of a stadium before the game. Tailgates usually involve cooking and eating food, drinking and playing games. On some occasions, tailgates are going to take place after a game as well but generally, they are before kickoff.

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  • What is tailgating in the NFL?

  • The NFL tailgating happens when numerous fans of different football teams come together 3-4 hours before the main football game to make the most out of that day. They cook BBQs and drink beer at the back of their cars in the parking lots of college campuses or sports stadiums before the match. Is Tailgating Only For Football?

  • What is a tailgate party called?

  • English Language Learners Definition of tailgate party. US : a party in which people serve food and drinks from the back end of their vehicles usually in a parking lot before or after a major public event (such as a football game, a concert, etc.)

  • What does it mean to tailgate in finance?

  • Financial Definition of tailgate. Tailgating occurs when a broker buys or sells a security after doing the same for a client. Let’s say John Doe is a broker for Jane Smith. Jane calls John and tells him she just saw a press release that Company XYZ is bringing in a new hot-shot CEO.

  • What is a good sentence for tailgating?

  • 鈥?Greg Ferro Verb He hit the car in front of him because he was tailgating. They started tailgating at 10 o’clock. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Take your food, beverage and Bulldog spirit to the extreme with a Georgia YETI cooler 鈥?perfect for your tailgate, cookout or road trip needs.