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  • Should Notre Dame football join a conference?

  • But Notre Dame would earn more money if its football program joined a conference, so finances are only part of the school’s reasoning when it comes to its football program’s independence. The status is not going to change anytime soon for the following four reasons. MORE: What if Notre Dame had joined the Big Ten?

  • Will Notre Dame be joining the Big Ten?

  • It literally took a global pandemic and the threat of no college football season for Notre Dame to kinda join a conference. That shows you how much Notre Dame values being an Independent. So, no, Notre Dame will not be joining the Big Ten.

  • Why does Notre Dame have a national schedule?

  • If you鈥檙e an anti-Notre Dame person that鈥檚 fine but know that the pride of the independence comes from the stubbornness of the Big Ten. That鈥檚 what forced Notre Dame to play a national schedule originally and is most responsible (and the winning) for Notre Dame becoming such an iconic brand.

  • Is Notre Dame a member of the ACC?

  • The ACC has Notre Dame as a member in sports outside football and partial membership in football. Notre Dame joined the ACC for the 2020 season due to COVID.