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In football, a fullback is aplayer of the attacking team who stands behind the quarterback. So, fullbacks are defense-based players who play right next to the center back, and they usually sit at the two wide opposing ends of a line of defense. There are two types of full backs; right back and left back, according to the position.

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  • What is a fullback in football?

  • The name 鈥渇ullback鈥?refers to the position of where this player lines up on the offense. During a traditional offensive line formation, the fullback stands directly behind the quarterback on a play. In summary, a fullback is one of the eleven players on the offense during a game.

  • Are fullbacks fast or slow?

  • Many fullbacks are blisteringly fast. Since their primary responsibility is to defend the sidelines, they must have the pace to keep up with attackers. Fullbacks that lack speed are often targeted by opposition teams. Slow full backs must compensate with strength, aggression, and positional sense.

  • What position should a full-back receive the ball?

  • The full-back should look to receive 鈥榮ide on鈥?and with their hips open to the rest of the field so they have the option to continue to move the ball forward and help their team progress. Recognize that when the number 6 (defensive midfielder) drops deep to receive the ball they can push forward and be more aggressive in their positioning.

  • What is the difference between a wingback and a fullback?

  • Fullbacks usually play as part of a back 4, operating as defense-first players. Wingbacks are far more attacking since they play either side of three center-backs. Wingbacks occupy more advanced positions on the field and usually contribute heavily to goal scoring, through assists or direct goals.