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Intermediate to deep receiving pattern

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  • What is the difference between out route and post route in football?

  • Like the out route, it requires a sharp, crisp 90-degree cut to be effective. The post route requires the receiver to run somewhere between 10 and 20 yards downfield before cutting at a 45-degree angle and running toward the middle of the field.

  • What is a flag route in football?

  • In the flag route the receiver runs 10-15 yards up the field and then turns toward the pylon of the corner of the end zone. Route trees show all the different routes a receiver can run in a single picture. They are generally numbered so that the receiver knows which route is a 1 and which route is 7. This makes calling plays quicker and easier.

  • What is a corner route in football?

  • WHAT IS A CORNER ROUTE? Like the post route but the receiver cuts his angle out to the pylon at the corner of the end zone. Basically, it鈥檚 a post, but with the break outside instead of inside, and the receiver aims for the squishy orange rectangle, not the giant H. 5. WHAT IS A WHEEL ROUTE?

  • What is a streak route in football?

  • The corner route gets its name from the fact that the receiver typically runs toward the back corner of the end zone after making his cut. The streak route is the simplest route in the football route tree, as it only requires the receiver to run straight downfield. It is also referred to as the 鈥渇ly鈥?route or the 鈥済o鈥?route.