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Redraft leagues are the most commonly played type of fantasy football. These leagues feature entirely new rosters every year,with one season having no bearing on the next. Aspects of football such as trading future draft picks or drafting early the next year due to a poor record the previous year are nonexistent in redraft leagues.

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  • Where can I find draft strategies for my fantasy football teams?

  • Draft strategies for your fantasy football teams – Visit NFL Draft on Sports Illustrated, the latest news coverage, with rankings for NFL Draft prospects, College Football, Dynasty and Devy Fantasy Football. In the words of Mike Tyson, 鈥淓veryone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.鈥?/div>Draft strategies for your fantasy football teams – The NFL

  • How do you use math in fantasy football drafts?

  • Use mathematics as a basis for the draft by first projecting the fantasy points then subtracting each player鈥檚 projection by your baseline. The result is their relative value and should be the basis of why you draft a particular player.

  • Is your fantasy draft plan fizzing?

  • These words ring true for fantasy drafters who get to the draft with a plan in mind only to see it fizzle as all their players are acquired before the plan can be executed. This can be painfully true when a drafter expects to go running-back heavy only to find an empty running-back queue when it is time to pick.