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FantasyFootballDefinition of 鈥?strong>Re-DraftLeague鈥? A re-draftleague is a fantasyfootballleague where your team roster starts fresh each season and picks different players in a draft each and every fantasy season. Most fantasyfootballleagues are redraftleagues by nature.

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  • How does the draft work in fantasy football?

  • You begin the league like a redraft where everyone drafts a team. In your second and every subsequent season, each owner selects three players from their team to hold onto for the upcoming season. So say, you drafted Patrick Mahomes as a rookie. You could theoretically keep him for his entire career!

  • What is fantasy football and how does it work?

  • Well, fantasy football is a game that allows you to be the owner, GM and coach of your very own football team. Competing against your friends, you draft a team made up of NFL players and based on their on-field performance in a given week, you score points.

  • What are the best positions to draft in fantasy football?

  • Spend the first three to four picks, at least, on running backs. Depth at wide receiver produces several guys that can 鈥渂oom鈥?on any given week; draft these players. A wide receiver that leads a lousy team may not be appealing for real football, but can be gold on a fantasy roster.

  • How do the playoffs work in fantasy football?

  • At the end of the fantasy regular season, the teams with the best records advance to the playoffs. Best Ball: Each week, instead of making lineup decisions about who to start or sit, your team鈥檚 score is optimized. Your highest scorers at each position are automatically plugged in. Think of it as a 鈥渟et it and forget it鈥?type of league.