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Ultimate pre-game party

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  • What is tailgating in the NFL?

  • The NFL tailgating happens when numerous fans of different football teams come together 3-4 hours before the main football game to make the most out of that day. They cook BBQs and drink beer at the back of their cars in the parking lots of college campuses or sports stadiums before the match. Is Tailgating Only For Football?

  • What is a tailgating tent city?

  • Tailgating before college and professional football games is an American tradition. Starting in late summer and continuing through early winter, temporary tent cities pop up in stadium parking lots across the country.

  • What are the best tailgate games to play at home?

  • An afternoon in the fresh air with football on the TV and food on the grill is great. But if you want to go to the next level, you鈥檙e going to need to get those competitive juices flowing with some yard games. Cornhole is an all-time classic tailgate game.

  • Who coined the term 鈥渢ailgating鈥?

  • Thus, pregame partying was increasingly called 鈥渢ailgating.鈥?While some credit Yale sports information director Charley Loftus, it鈥檚 not clear who, if anyone, coined the term. Tailgating is wildly popular at the annual Florida-Georgia football game in Jacksonville, Florida.