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  • What does the number next to the point spread mean in football?

  • When shopping for point spreads on an NFL odds board, bettors will notice a number next to the actual spread, which is used to reflect the payout associated with a winning bet. Also known as the 鈥渏uice鈥?or 鈥渧ig鈥? this indicates the how much needs to be wagered to win a specific amount.

  • What is the NFL line for spread betting?

  • The NFL line for spread betting is set by odds compilers after they determine which team has the best chance of winning the game. They give the stronger team a handicap to level the playing field.

  • What causes point spread lines to change in sports betting?

  • In general the movements are caused by the weight of money on one side or the other however injury rumors or confirmation of an injury to a key player, unrest in a particular NFL team’s management or any number of other reasons can contribute to a point spread line being reassessed and changed by the sportsbooks.

  • What are the over/under odds for Monday Night Football?

  • Early lines have Cleveland installed as a field goal road favorite with the Over/Under set at 40.5 points for what should be a slugfest. When the NFL schedule gets released it doesn鈥檛 take long for fans to zero in on which teams are locked into the coveted Monday Night Football time slot.