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Three hours and 23 minutes

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  • What is the longest football match in history?

  • Goal takes a look at the longest football match in history, as well as other examples of football’s long, drawn-out affairs. What is the longest football match in recorded history? The longest football match in recorded history was the showdown between English clubs Stockport County and Doncaster Rovers at Edgeley Park on March 30, 1946.

  • What is the longest game in Dolphins history?

  • Longest NFL Game #DolphinsDidYouKnow The most famous contest between the #Dolphins Chiefs was on Christmas Day 1971. The Longest Game in NFL history (82:40), Miami prevailed 27-24 when K Garo Yepremian made a 37-yd FG in 2OT of the Divisional playoff game, the 1st postseason win in team history

  • What was the third-longest NFL game ever played?

  • Moseley was again in the thick of things as he scored the winning goal that sent Browns to the 1986 AFC title match. As of 2022, the 1986 AFC Playoffs between Browns and Jets ranks as the third-longest NFL game ever.

  • What is the longest goal in soccer?

  • Goalkeeper Tom King holds the record for the longest goal of all time, measured at 105 yards. Here is the full list of longest goals in official competitions. The best goals are the goals that no one sees coming.