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  • How many regular season games does the Kansas City Chiefs play?

  • For the first time in NFL history, there are 18 weeks and 272 games in the regular NFL season. The Kansas City Chiefs will play 17-regular season games with one bye week; week 12. Here鈥檚 how the Chiefs schedule breaks down. Who do the Chiefs play this week? The Chiefs were knocked out of the playoffs by the Bengals in the Divisional round.

  • What happened to the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021-22 NFL season?

  • The Kansas City Chiefs ended the 2021-22 NFL season 12-5. Click here to view the full 2022 NFL Playoff schedule.

  • What seed are the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2019 NFL playoffs?

  • Getty Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs The Kansas City Chiefs finished the 2019 NFL regular season as the AFC鈥檚 second seed, locking up a first-week playoff bye for Wild Card weekend.

  • Where is the Chiefs鈥?17th game on their 2022 schedule?

  • The Chiefs鈥?17th game on their 2022 schedule has them traveling to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers. Although termed the 17th game, it does not necessarily mean they will play Tampa Bay in Week 18.