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  • How many games will BYU have to cancel in 2022?

  • Presently, the Big 12 plays nine conference games during the regular season. If they stick with nine conference games in 2022, BYU would have to cancel at least eight previously-scheduled games. All things considered, there are dozens of scheduling scenarios for BYU.

  • Why does BYU have to schedule an FCS team?

  • Future Big 12 foe Oklahoma State opened the season against Missouri State. Big 12 champion Baylor beat Texas Southern 66-7. Utah has played Weber State or Idaho State in three of the last four years. Need I go on? BYU needs to schedule an FCS team every year to allow players to heal up and younger players a chance to get live-game action.

  • Is BYU a good team to play in the Big 12?

  • With BYU headed to the Big 12, they no longer need the PAC-12 to constantly boost their schedule, thus games against USC and other PAC-12 foes should be sparse. Plus, BYU proved their superiority over that conference in 2021, with an emphatic 5-0 record.

  • Who won the BYU football game 34 17?

  • Off No. 14 BYU football defeated Georgia Southern 34-17 at Paulson Stadium on Saturday.