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14th week of the NFL regular season

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  • How many teams in a Fantasy Football League play in playoffs?

  • For example, in a typical twelve-team league with six playoff spots, the regular season currently runs through week 13 for fantasy. That means every team plays two teams twice and everyone else once.

  • When does the fantasy football season start?

  • Fantasy football starts at the same time week 1 of normal season starts. Therefore, players start to score with the first game of regular season, in this case, September 9, 2021, when Tampa Bay Buccaneers face Dallas Cowboys.

  • How do fantasy football playoffs work?

  • No matter how your season ended, you need to know how fantasy football playoffs work, so you can pursue a league championship. Fantasy football playoff trophies await league winners. Generally, the teams with the best records will make the playoffs. In some leagues with divisions, that may not be the case.

  • When do the playoffs begin?

  • Playoffs begin the Tuesday following the final week of the Regular Season. At this time the system looks at the Regular Season results, determines the league’s playoff seeds (breaking ties if necessary 鈥?see below) and generates all the first-round playoffs matchups.