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  • When does the 2021 high school football season start?

  • The beginning of the 2021 high school football season is now less than a month away. After a COVID-19-filled 2020 season that featured abbreviated schedules across the country and some states not taking the field at all, high school football is set for a return to normalcy beginning in August.

  • How many states plan to have high school football in 2020?

  • At least 36 states plan to have teams hit the field this fall. When it comes to getting the 2020 high school football season off the ground amid the coronavirus pandemic, only one thing is certain 鈥?nothing is certain. That’s the prism start dates across the country should be viewed through.

  • How long does a high school football game last?

  • A high school football game is 48 minutes long and made up of 4 quarters of 12 minutes each. But if you are looking at the game as a whole, it usually lasts around two hours. There are clock stoppages just like a college football game and halftime of 10-20 minutes.

  • When do North Carolina and Rhode Island football games start?

  • North Carolina and Rhode Island will have quick turnarounds as each concluded spring seasons in May. North Carolina football games begin Aug. 20 and Rhode Island Sept. 3 according to schedules uploaded onto MaxPreps.