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  • Could the NFL start the season in October?

  • Sports Business Daily reports the NFL could start the season October 15 and still have teams play full, 16-game slates. The report also suggests the NFL could eliminate not only bye weeks during the season, but also the bye week between conference championships and the Super Bowl.

  • Why did the NFL change the start date of the season?

  • Despite extending the season and reducing the preseason, the NFL did not alter the start date of the season. Moving the season forward a week would have led to Week 1 being played on Labor Day Weekend, which appears to be something the NFL wanted to avoid.

  • When does the 2018 NFL season start?

  • If all goes as the NFL hopes, the Super Bowl-champion Chiefs will host the Texans in the season-opener on Thursday, Sept. 10. Then a complete, 17-week season will play out before the playoffs and Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay on Feb. 7.

  • When does the 2020 NFL season start?

  • For now, the NFL plans to start its season as scheduled, with the 2020 season-opener on Thursday, Sept. 10, a complete, 17-week regular season and a full slate of playoff games before Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay on Sunday, Feb. 7.