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July 2023

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  • What is the release date of the new NCAA football game?

  • NCAA football video game release date. July 2023; EA Sports is expected to release its new NCAA football video game in July 2023, according to company documents. A leaked document was obtained by …

  • Is there a new EA Sports college football game coming out?

  • Potential EA Sports College Football video game release date revealed EA Sports College Football has a target release date which makes the return of the beloved video game franchise all the more real. Time to mark your calendars college sports and video game fans. July 2023 is the targeted release window for EA Sports College Football.

  • What will the new NCAA game be called?

  • What will the new NCAA game be called? The NCAA title of the previous games is noticeable missing from all of EA Sports publishing so far. Whilst NCAA Football 22 could be the most common name used by fans, the reality is that the game will likely be called ‘College Football’ and avoid any links to the NCAA.

  • Are college football video games coming back?

  • The bad news is that鈥檚 a long wait for the return of college football video games. Obviously, the date isn鈥檛 set in stone. The records Brown received included the pitch EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company gave to programs.