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  • What was the last college football video game EA Sports released?

  • The last college football video game that EA Sports released was NCAA Football 14 with Michigan’s Denard Robinson on the cover. It’s been over eight years since that game came out, and fans have been begging for a new version ever since. They finally got their wish. For those who never stopped believing…

  • When was the first college football game released?

  • EA Sports released its first college football game in 1993 with the release of Bill Walsh College Football. The game rebranded to NCAA Football in 1998.

  • Why did EA stop making college football games?

  • 鈥?EA SPORTS (@EASPORTS) February 2, 2021 EA Sports last released a college football game last, NCAA Football 14, in July, 2013. It was discontinued when the NCAA announced that it would not renew its contract with EA Sports due to legal disputes over player likeness.

  • When was the last time NCAA basketball had a title game?

  • As a result, NCAA Football last released a title in July 2013 and NCAA Basketball last released a title in November 2009. The cover athletes for those games were former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson and Oklahoma forward Blake Griffin.