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  • What city did the Arizona Cardinals originally play in?

  • The professional American football team now known as the Arizona Cardinals previously played in St Louis, Missouri from 1960 to 1987. This article chronicles the team’s history during their time as the St. Louis Cardinals . Before the team moved in 1960, the NFL conducted a survey of St. Louis and concluded that it was capable of supporting a team.

  • Why are the Cardinals called the Football Cardinals?

  • Because there was already an MLB team called the Cardinals, local fans often referred to the Cardinals football team as 鈥淏ig Red鈥?or the 鈥淔ootball Cardinals.鈥?The Cardinals remained in St. Louis for 27 years, but success still eluded them. They were only able to advance to the playoffs in 1974, ’75 and ’82, losing in the first round each year.

  • When did the Chicago Cardinals join the NFL?

  • The Cardinals鈥?continued success and popularity gave the team the opportunity to join the American Professional Football League (the forerunner of the NFL) when it was founded in 1920. The team was renamed the Chicago Cardinals in 1922 when a franchise from Racine, Wisconsin, joined the NFL.

  • Why did the Cardinals move to St Louis?

  • Arizona Cardinals. This led to a decline in revenue, and in 1960 the franchise relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, where the team was invariably referred to as the St. Louis 鈥渇ootball鈥?Cardinals, in deference to the city鈥檚 beloved Major League Baseball team of the same name.