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California Polytechnic State University

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  • Did John Madden ever play in the NFL?

  • According to the Halgreatl of Fame, Madden had standout collegiate career at Cal Poly, San Louis Obispo, and was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 21st round of the 1958 NFL Draft. But he never played a down in the NFL after a knee injury in training camp.

  • Where did John Madden go to high school?

  • He started out at Jefferson High School in California, before joining the college system at 18 in 1954. Madden played his college game as an offensive tackle, and was given a University of Oregon scholarship to play football. Oakland Raiders coach John Madden.

  • When did John Madden join the Raiders as a coach?

  • He joined the Raiders, who were in the American Football League, before the 1967 season as a linebackers coach. In 1969, Al Davis made Madden, just 32, head coach.

  • What is John Madden doing now 2021?

  • June 2, 2021 There is no way, as an NFL fan, you could not have heard the name John Madden. The former American football coach is a sportscaster and play-by-play commentator for NFL telecasts. His voice has been broadcasted from all the four major sports networks in the United States: CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC.