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California Polytechnic State University

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  • Did John Madden play in the NFL?

  • Oakland Raiders coach John Madden. However, he lost it due to a serious knee injury, and drifted around teams during the late 1950s. At California Polytechnic, he also played on the baseball team as a catcher. In 1958, Madden was finally drafted to the NFL itself 鈥?signing as a 21st round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Where did John Madden go to high school?

  • He started out at Jefferson High School in California, before joining the college system at 18 in 1954. Madden played his college game as an offensive tackle, and was given a University of Oregon scholarship to play football. Oakland Raiders coach John Madden.

  • How many years did John Madden coach the Raiders?

  • John Madden was hired as head coach in 1969, and under his guidance the Raiders became an elite team, posting consecutive winning seasons during Madden鈥檚 10-year tenure with the team and taking the franchise鈥檚 first Super Bowl (1977). It was during this period that the鈥?/div>John Madden | Biography, Football, Facts | Britannica

  • What is John Madden doing now 2021?

  • June 2, 2021 There is no way, as an NFL fan, you could not have heard the name John Madden. The former American football coach is a sportscaster and play-by-play commentator for NFL telecasts. His voice has been broadcasted from all the four major sports networks in the United States: CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC.