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  • Is Marshall football back on track?

  • But Marshall seemed to be getting back on track: It had fired the dishonest coaches, built a new Astroturf field and started winning games again. The Thundering Herd had lost a squeaker to East Carolina on the 14th, and was looking forward to a promising season the next year.

  • What happened to Marshall football in 1970?

  • On November 14, 1970, a chartered jet carrying most of the Marshall University football team clips a stand of trees and crashes into a hillside just two miles from the Tri-State Airport in Kenova, West Virginia. The team was returning from that day鈥檚 game, a 17-14 loss to East Carolina University.

  • Why did Marshall football get kicked out of the NCAA?

  • From the last game of the 1966 season to midway through the 1969 season, the team hadn鈥檛 won any games. Making matters worse, the NCAA had suspended Marshall for more than 100 recruiting violations. (The Mid-American Conference had expelled the team for the same reason.)

  • Who is the owner of Rapid City Marshals indoor football?

  • Info and Sponsorships GM: Ritchie Rodgers (605) 569-0965 Owner: Tel Koan (605) 892-5601 CHAMPIONS INDOOR FOOTBALL 17300 Q Street Ralston, NE 68127 Commissioner- JR. Bond 2021- Rapid City Marshals Indoor Football.