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Ebenezer Cobb Morley

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  • Who invented football and where was it created?

  • Who invented football and was it created in England or Scotland? Early versions of football existed as far back as 2500 BC – with Ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese all playing versions of the beautiful game.

  • Who invented soccer?

  • So to answer who invented soccer, it ultimately depends on what you鈥檙e specifically asking about 鈥?modern soccer or the first variation of soccer. If it鈥檚 the former, it was invented by the Football Association 鈥?a group of 11 London schools and clubs who met in 1863 to standardize the game.

  • When was the first football game played?

  • Records of the game began during the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.鈥?20 A.D.) and it may have been a training exercise for soldiers. The Chinese game of Tsu-Chu or Cuju is recognized as an ancient form of football.

  • What is the oldest form of football?

  • Indeed, the earliest form of football is understood to be ‘cuju’ which was played in China during the Han dynasty from 206 BC to 220 AD. ‘Cuju’ translates literally as ‘kick ball’ and the aim of the game was to kick the ball into a net.