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National Football League (NFL)

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  • Which NFL teams play on Thanksgiving Day?

  • Since then, the Bears, Lions and later the Dallas Cowboys have been staples of Thanksgiving Day, along with your turkey, cranberry sauce and family infighting. The Cowboys will play the Las Vegas Raiders, who have only made seven appearances on Thanksgiving.

  • Why do most college football teams not play on Thanksgiving?

  • These days, most college teams play on the weekend of Thanksgiving rather than Thanksgiving Day, partly to not interfere with the NFL games but also as it is the conclusion to NCAAF Rivalry Week. Unlike the NFL, the college football games do not feature the same teams every year.

  • Is this game the Turkey when it comes to Thanksgiving?

  • This game is the turkey when you look at who is playing in the games on Thanksgiving Day around the NFL. It鈥檚 tradition, and it wouldn鈥檛 be the same without it being around, but at the same time, you are never that thrilled to have it on your plate.

  • Who is the oldest NFL team to play on Thanksgiving?

  • The Lions are the oldest, having played on Thanksgiving Day since 1934 with an exception during World War II, but have never missed a Turkey Day since. After that, the Dallas Cowboys joined the list in 1966, becoming the two teams we see every year.