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Brian Woods

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  • Who owns the spring league?

  • Brian Woods is the founder and CEO of the Spring League and now the USFL. Woods is not the sole owner of the Spring League; although he has the largest equity piece, he鈥檚 not the only investor. There are believed to be 11 members in total. Chief Strategy Officer Ezra Levine is one of the league鈥檚 minority investors.

  • Will fans have equity in spring football teams?

  • Fans will have the same type of equity in teams as the celebrity owners. There is a graveyard of spring football leagues that hoped to replicate the NFL model, including the Professional Spring Football League, the Alliance of American Football and the XFL (twice).

  • What happened to the Spring Football League?

  • On June 3rd, FOX Sports and The Spring League announced that they were bringing back the United States Football League. Nearly four decades after the most infamous spring pro football league flew too close to the sun and drowned into a sea of its own doing.

  • Why is Fox Sports suing the USFL?

  • LOS ANGELES — A group of former team owners and executives from the original USFL is suing Fox Sports to halt the launch of the new spring football league with the same name, alleging the new USFL is inappropriately using the old league’s branding.