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  • Should you take the first pick in your fantasy football draft?

  • Congratulations, you landed the first overall pick in your fantasy football draft. It鈥檚 a great spot to be; you can, theoretically, get the best player available鈥攏o pressure! In all seriousness, don鈥檛 stress it too much. There are only a small handful of players worthy of the first pick, whether you鈥檙e playing in a standard or PPR format.

  • What is the best draft strategy for fantasy football?

  • When you are on the clock with the first pick in a fantasy football draft, the best draft strategy is to go for a player (specifically a running back) involved in the passing game.

  • What is the most valuable pick in a fantasy football draft?

  • There is no pick in a fantasy football draft more valuable than the first overall pick. While only a few players are worthy of this designation, some considerations must be made to ensure your draft gets off on the right foot.

  • Should you draft a running back with your first two picks?

  • Due to your draft position, you might have to reach to make sure you get a running back with one of your first two picks. Be grateful and take advantage that the longest stretch without drafting in this range is 15 picks, so you’re least prone to missing out on runs on quarterbacks or tight ends.