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Christian McCaffrey

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  • Who should be the first pick in fantasy football drafts in 2021?

  • Who should be the first pick in fantasy football drafts in 2021? For those lucky enough to have the first overall pick in a fantasy football draft, you have a straightforward selection: Christian McCaffrey. Since 2018, McCaffrey has averaged 27.1 points per game (35 active games) while recording 20+ points 28 times (80%).

  • Who should be the first pick in A superflex Fantasy Football draft?

  • The first pick in a superflex fantasy football draft needs to be one of these players. I can not emphasize this enough. Do as many mock drafts as you can before your real draft.

  • Should you draft Christian McCaffrey in 2021 fantasy football drafts?

  • Don鈥檛 let one season of bad injury luck prevent you from drafting unquestionably the best player in fantasy football. McCaffrey should be the number one pick in every draft next year. So there you have it, my top-five and number one overall picks for 2021 fantasy football drafts.

  • What is the best round to pick in fantasy football drafts?

  • The end of the first round is a fantastic spot in fantasy football drafts, offering a variety of paths to a 2021 best ball title. The beauty of the 1.12 draft slot is the additional control in player selection with back-to-back picks in every round. There are two preferred strategies with the first and second picks when picking at 1.12: