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  • Should the College Football Playoff expand to 8 teams?

  • Here are some compelling reasons why the College Football Playoff should expand. With an eight-team playoff, Bryce Petty and Baylor would’ve had no worries. LM Otoro/Associated Press One inherent problem with the four-team format is the fact that, no matter what, one team from the Power Five leagues is going to be left out in the cold and angry.

  • Should the College Football Playoff have a bowl system?

  • Yes, we have the bowl system, but for the playoff, four of 128 teams, or 3.1 percent, make the College Football Playoff. Even college baseball has a 64-team championship, capped by an eight-team College World Series, to decide its champion.

  • What is the value of the College Football Playoff?

  • The CFP distributes an average of $475 million annually. That means, as a conservative estimate, the CFP tripling in size would be worth $1 billion per year. More revenue, though, creates more pressure and responsibility. Teams will be playing a maximum of 17 games — equal to the elongated NFL regular season.

  • Was the first college football playoff a success or failure?

  • By all accounts, the inaugural College Football Playoff was a smashing success. Following years of fan angst and complaints over the Bowl Championship Series, the first four-team playoff delivered exciting games, huge buzz and a champion who鈥檇 never have had a chance in the old format: No. 4 seed Ohio State.